How to disable “Car Home” docking mode on your Motorola phone


When a Motorola phone is used with the manufacturer’s car dock it will automatically launch the “Car Home” mode, and by default there is no way to change this. From my experience people either love or hate this special vehicle mode. If you are like me and find yourself backing out of the mode each time you use your dock, there are a number of ways to disable it.

There are 3 options at the moment, two of which require root access. My personal suggestion is the first option which is the easiest and doesn’t require root. If this method fails only then should you should try one of the other methods.

1) For those who aren’t rooted, install Dock No Op from the Google Play Store. It works great with my Motorola Bionic and other phones with a preinstalled vehicle mode.

Here is the description from the website.

When you insert your device into your car/desk dock, this app will launch *nothing* instead of launching the default built-in car dock app.
This app does NOTHING else. No background processes, no app icons.
There is *no* configuration. If you don’t want it to be active, you have to uninstall it. Sorry.
** NOTICE **
This application works for most users, but not everyone. If the app doesn’t seem to do the job for you, we recommend seeking out a similar app from the Market. We built it to be as lightweight as possible but that does not provide full-functionality to some devices. We do not intend to release an updated version in the near future.

2) If you are rooted, you can download Titanium Backup Pro and freeze the Car Home app.

3) If you are rooted, uninstall the app and no more car mode!


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