How to replace a cracked Droid Bionic screen


One evening I was casually moving my Droid Bionic and in the process it slipped out of my hand and slammed surprisingly hard into the wall. Upon inspection my worst fears were realized as the screen had become a cracked mess. The upside if there was one was that besides the damaged glass, the phone still worked and still responded to touch input. Here is the old screen after replacement, not pretty.

Now being the technologically sound and handy person that I am (cheap) I decided to try to fix the screen on my own. In the past I have also successfully repaired a Droid X LCD so I had a little experience going into the process. In the end I was able to fix the screen successfully in less than an hour. The process wasn’t too difficult provided you have the right information and tools, and I thought I would put the information I used togather for others who find themselves in the same position.

You can find a cheap OEM replacement screen + digitizer on ebay. I found one for around $30 that included all the necessary tools. I would recommend ordering one that includes all the tools since they can be a pain to find at the local hardware store or Radioshack depending on where you live. In the end you will only need a Torx T5 screw driver and a pry tool.

One note to mention is that you will need to remove the sticker on the back of the battery compartment to get the frame separated. I spend a few minutes struggling with this as it is not mentioned in the video.

Below are the links and videos that you will find helpful. Good luck!

Droid Bionic Teardown:

Droid Bionic Reassembly:


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  • cynthia

    This was a great video. One comment though, please be cautious where you buy your replacement parts. The replacement screen that I purchased also had a film on the back of it, but when I removed it per this video, there was a stickiness that I could not wipe off with a cloth. When I tried to, I immediately realized that I should not have removed it. So be careful.

    Otherwise, this was a great tutorial and I am pleased with the results!

    Thanks so much!

  • Tim

    This is extremely helpful. I got the screen and it works great, although it was $50 rather than the $30 you said here. All in all, the repair took me about an hour and I’m quite satisfied with the results. I would recommend being extremely careful when you remove the circuit strip for the function buttons from the back of the screen. Also, I found that it was harder to separate the battery case from the motherboard than you showed. Otherwise, very good tutorial. Thanks for going the extra mile for all us bionic users.

    • Ryan

      Great tip thanks!

  • Angel

    Can you fix my droid bionic screen please Ryan!!!

  • phani kumar

    Hi Ryan,I have replaced my digitizer looking at your videos.Thank for video.
    I’m not sure where I made a mistake,The screen keeps scrolling up and down sometimes without my finger touched.I usually make it stop by powering it off and then use it back asuaul.
    Can you help me troubleshooting this issue.