Hide Album Cover Images from the Gallery App


If you store music on your Android device that contains album covers you have probably noticed that the gallery application will display these images alongside your other photos. If you have a large collection of music, your photos can quickly get lost among the cover images. Luckily there is a good solution to this problem.

To stop these cover images from being displayed you must go into each album directory and rename the album cover image to “albumart.jpg“. The next time the Gallery application scans this directory it will remove this cover image from its list, but the music player will continue to display the cover image when the album is played. The one drawback is that you can only have one cover image in each directory since only one file can have this specific name.

Alternatively you can place a file named “.nomedia” in the folder which will exclude all images in the directory and subdirectories from being displayed in the Gallery as well. Unfortunately this method will also hide the music files themselves from the music player which is clearly a huge problem.


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