A great inexpensive sleeve for the Nexus 7


When I purchased my Nexus 7 I contemplated getting a case to protect my shiny new beauty from my sometimes rough handling and occasional drops. Unfortunately I found the generic 7″ cases available at the time to be quite bulky, and the official Nexus case had yet to be released. Using a case also defeated the purpose of having such a slim and light tablet in the first place. However I did discover I needed a carrying case or sleeve at a minimum to protect the Nexus 7 while on the go. After some googling I came across this sleeve on Amazon.

At the time the case was $0.27 plus a couple bucks for shipping so I ordered it (whats the worst that could go wrong), and I’m glad I did. Despite a 3 week wait for shipping from China the case arrived exactly as shown and has been working as expected. It’s made out of well padded neoprene, and the seems are well stitched so it should last awhile. It does seem to be made specifically for the Nexus 7 but fits sung enough that I would never worry about it coming out of the case. As a bonus it is reversible so it can be either red or black. Not bad for 27 cents!

At the time of this writing the price has risen astronomically to $1.35 so if you are interested follow the link below.

Amazon link


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