Fix home screen redraw lag in LauncherPro and ADW Launcher


With ADW Launcher or LauncherPro there is sometimes a long redraw lag when going back to your home screen from another app. You expect to see your icons and widgets but instead you are presented with an empty screen containing only your dock and wallpaper. Eventually the home screen will correctly redraw but this lag can be intolerable. When it happens you are basically dead in the water.

This problem seems to occur most often after returning from an app that uses a lot of memory. Fortunately there is a quick fix should solve your problems but it requires a rooted phone with administrator permissions.

This method basically forces your launcher to stay in memory. You may be aware that there is already an option for this in the launcher settings. Enabling that option can help but it seems that this method offers a more dependable fix.

In a terminal:

$ su
# echo ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 >> /data/local.prop

Then reboot your phone.

To undo these changes simply remove the entry from /data/local.prop.


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  • Richard Garrett

    Great solution. Its working for me with OG Droid, GPA15 (using one of Peter Alfonso’s v2 kernels & and ADW Launcher. Thank you, Ryan.

    • Ryan

      Glad I could help!

  • Maciek

    Can it be applied for any other app?
    E.g. live wallpaper.
    Or Opera Mobile maybe?

    • kennyfool

      Maybe if you change the “HOME_APP_ADJ” portion, but idk what you could change it to. This command tells your Launcher to stay in memory

  • Nakul

    Thank you very much!! :)
    Great help.. else it was so annoying to find a blank homescreen just after playing a game even for 5 mins! Now I don’t have any of those problems! 3 days and no blank homescreen on LauncherPro with 7 homescreens and widgets on all screens.(Phone: Spice MI 300– Boston Clone)(ROM: Phantom Sky Revolution)

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  • Mo

    Is there a guide on how to put this into a terminal app like Android Terminal Emulator? I really need this, I’ve tried it and it did come up with a superuser prompt but I’m not sure if it worked xD

  • fish

    nice post, worked on GoLauncher.. my device is z71..

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  • Chasd

    Thanks.. works on Live home also… device evo 4g fresh rom 4.2

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  • daftwood

    Genius, worked great on Samsung Galaxy

  • Rob

    I found this after suffering the same Home screen redraw lag on my non-rooted HTC Vision/Desire Z. After playing around with the LauncherPro settings, I disabled the “Clear caches on exit” option and got some benefit from that (some reduction in lag/frequency).

    I’ll eventually root my phone, but this may offer some temporary relief for non-rooted phones.

  • Habib

    This problem was very frustrating. Thanks for the tip, works great!

  • Mrs.Snow

    I think I love you, man! INSTANT redraw every time now! Even after Angry Birds! Thanks!

  • fhayes

    great fix, thank you VERY much. This has been really bugging me, works great on my Archos70/Adwlauncher.ex

  • Tillis

    this worked flawlessly. cheers

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  • Andrew

    Worked perfectly with Go launcher ex. Thanks – you solved a long time headache!

    Also you can run this directly from “terminal emulator”, as long as your phone is rooted.

  • Matt B

    BIG THANKS!! Zero redraws since your fix about a week ago.
    Was incredibly annoying, now blissfully fantastic. :)

    HTC EVO 4G

  • Steve B

    Awesome Tip, Thanks

  • Seba

    Thanks ! Amazing solution !