Play your favorite SNES games on Android with SNesoid


SNesoid is the most popular Super Nintendo emulator for Android. SNesoid allows you to play all your favorite Super Nintendo games on your Android device, effectively turning your phone into a formidable gaming machine. Along with SNesoid come its cousins Nesoid (NES Emulator) and Gensoid (Genisis Emulator), which are also available in the Android Market.

Here are some of the features:
– Very fast
– Run nearly all games (Mario RPG, StarFox)
– On-screen keypad
– Save states
– Cheats
– Net-play
– Super scope
– Fast-forward
– Screen upside-down

Games are found separately and come as standard ROM files. These ROMs can be found find in a variety of ways. The legality of acquiring ROMs varies from country to country so approach this at your own risk.

Games play at full speed in my testing and the sound works flawlessly for the many games I tried. The controls are responsive and there are a variety of options available to make the game play fantastic no matter what device or resolution you happen to be playing on.

SNesoid works best on phones that come equipped with hardware keyboards. The controls can be fully customized and mapped to the keys of your choice. If your phone lacks a keyboard it also features touchscreen controls. While most games are still playable with the touchscreen with some practice, a hardware keyboard is recommended.

As you can see the touchscreen controls can be a problem with action games.

SNesoid is available in the Android Market. The Full Version which enable save states can be had for $3.99, while the Lite version which lacks this feature is FREE.


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