Manage simple to-do lists with GTasks


For those of you looking for a simple to-do list that syncs with Google look no further than GTasks. Unlike Astrid which has gotten a bit bloated for many, GTasks keeps a simple and provides a powerful yet simplistic tool for creating and managing to-do lists.

GTasks allows you to easily and quickly create a simple to-do item, but at the same time provides you the ability to add detailed notes, due dates, and reminders if you choose to do so. It also features multiple list support so you can separate and categorize groups of tasks such as “Home” and “Work” for example.

To top it all off every feature in GTasks is also supported through Gmail tasks which you can access on your desktop browser. And since it supports the ability to automatically synchronize with your Google account it complements the other Gmail and calendar apps nicely.

GTasks provides a nice transparent home screen widget which lets you quickly see what tasks you have yet to complete. GTasks is available for FREE in the Android Market.


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