FoxFi: The best free WiFi tethering app


FoxFi is the best free solution I have found so far for free Wifi tethering. FoxFi like Wireless Teather turns your Android phone into free WiFi hotspot but unlike other apps it doesn’t require root access. There is also a Bluetooth sharing mode.

Currently WiFi mode currently works on most Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC phones with Android 4.0. Unfortunately the WiFi mode will not work with some older phones and worst of all those with Jelly Bean installed.


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  • Jerry Helms

    FoxFi does not work after the new upgrade on my Droid Bionic to 6.7.246. It will not connect to Bluetooth.

    • Ryan

      Yes unfortunately I have this problem as well. On the bright side the WiFi hotspot feature works great.