Benchmark your Android device with Quadrant


Quadrant is a benchmarking app that allows you to compare the performance almost any Android device across a variety of tests. The Standard Edition is free and available on Android Market.

This app comes in very handy if you run a variety of custom ROMs and would like to compare their relative performance over different CPU clock speeds. Likewise you can easily see the difference between different hardware devices as well.

Quadrant supports the following types of performance tests:
CPU – arithmetic operations, XML parsing, multimedia decoding
I/O – filesystem access and database operations
2D Graphics
3D Graphics – OpenGL single-pass and multi-pass rendering with stencil buffers

The only downside is that their comparisons with other devices don’t always make a lot of sense. For example my Droid ran much faster than the Droid reference benchmark and I have no idea why. It could be that I have the latest version of Android, or possibly my ROM could have some specific performance enhancements that affect the testing. Because the results do not provide these details you must take your performance results with a grain of salt. Also note that this app may not work properly on phones without a GPU.

Here is a sample of the results screen:

Besides the free Standard edition they offer a Advanced and Professional edition which at the time is available for 2.99 USD and 29.99 USD respectively. These advanced versions have a few other interesting features such as showing the results specific test results that comprise the final benchmark score.

You can find these other versions on their website: AuroraSoftworks


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