Motorola Altrix Ubuntu based WebTop software review


Arstechnica posted this interesting article about the Ubuntu based WebTop software on the new Motorola Altrix.

The Ubuntu based environment includes the Avant window navigator, Firefox with Flash support, Nautilus file manager, and MobileView for viewing an emulated Android desktop among other software. Apparently the WebTop interface is fairly locked down preventing other software applications from being installed and run. However customization can most likely be achieved by rooting the device.

Aside from the software, the real story here is the innovation that the Altrix provides.

"Motorola envisions a future in which smartphones are at the heart of the connected lifestyle, adapting and integrating with peripherals to meet the user's computing needs. The Atrix is a significant first step in that direction."

The possibilities seem endless now as we have smartphones that are approaching the computing power of a standard netbook. The concept of device integration is equally intriguing. Smartphone car integration anyone?


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